High-Density Residential Construction

Construction JPL takes complete charge of every phase in the construction of high-density real estate projects like condominiums and other co-ownership housing complexes, as well as for the development of residential neighbourhoods. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary expertise, Construction JPL is reputed as an established contractor for high-caliber construction, is renowned for the efficiency of its project management methods and the expertise of its construction teams, its respect for timelines and realistic management of established budgets.

Construction JPL: A Contractor Recognized by Real Estate Developers

Placing complete and specialized services at the disposal of real estate developers, Construction JPL has become the partner of choice in the construction sector for the Outaouais region. Known for its financial stability, the quality of its services and the competence of its construction teams, each Construction JPL project is executed with the utmost respect, concern for transparency, and exemplary quality control.

Possessing a solid expertise in negotiations with municipal, provincial and financial authorities, Construction JPL is a trustworthy collaborator, working across the Gatineau territory since 1966.

Above and beyond general contractor services, Construction JPL offers complete management of large-scale real estate projects.

  • Financial operations management
  • Conception and development of plans
  • Engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Infrastructure and building construction
  • Post-construction inspection
  • Renovation and re-planning

Turnkey Real Estate Construction Services

Applying proven and efficient project management methodologies, Construction JPL distinguishes itself through its understanding of the high stakes real estate developers face. It’s why Construction JPL adopted a rigorous work ethic that allows it to reach its objectives, respect constraints, budgets, and its clients’ construction deadlines.

In a position to ensure the conception, project management, financing, complete construction, as well as the final inspection, Construction JPL is recognized for the strength of its turnkey services where it comes to high-density real estate projects.

Top-Ranked Human Resources for Real Estate Construction

Construction JPL has at its disposal the human resources and materials to ensure the execution of large-scale construction projects. In addition to counting on its competent construction site teams and avant-garde equipment, Construction JPL benefits from the presence of engineers, technicians in civil engineering, architecture, mechanics, and informatics, as well as experienced foremen at the helm of its workforce.