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Brookfield Headquarters

A $35 million construction project, the future headquarters will have a surface area of
125,000 sq. ft and will aim for LEED certification.
Downtown Gatineau (Hull sector), 2014-2015.

Place Victoria

A building of 16 floors, totaling 500,000 sq. ft, with parking, office space and restaurants –
Platinum LEED accredited.
Downtown Gatineau (Hull sector), 2010-2014.

Branchaud-Brière Complex

A vast recreational complex featuring two NHL-size skating rinks, a FIFA international-size soccer field and various other installations.
Gatineau, 2012-2013.


Building of 55,000 sq. ft with geothermal energy, LED lighting and solar panels.
Gatineau (Hull sector), 2012-2013.

Milident – Dental Laboratory

Dental laboratory in the Gatineau
technology park (Hull sector).
New construction, 2009-2010.

Château Cartier Condos Phases I & II

First phase (building of 51 condos)
as part of a multi-building complex,
with golf course and restaurant.
Gatineau (Aylmer sector), 2011-2012.

La Laiterie de l’Outaouais

Milk transformation plant. MAPAQ norms. Gatineau (Gatineau sector), 2009-2010.

Custom Residential

Architecture, design, renovation, and expansion of a luxury home. Gatineau (Hull sector), 2012.

Place Champlain Condos Phases III & IV

Building of 43 prestige condominiums,
part of a 4-tower complex situated
on the banks of the Outaouais River.
Gatineau (Hull sector), 2007 and 2010.


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